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Postby David » Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:57 am

Lockpicking skill

Lockpicking can be a very lucrative passtime. You will gain gold, platinum, some nice weapons and armour, magic scrolls and on the high level chests, platinum coins. But this is not like a regular shard where you can unlock a chest and simply take a step back and open it to avoid the magic damage blast. Our chests carry real explosives and an exploding chest will damage you, and potentially kill you, at range. You can still run a few paces away and cast telekenesis on the chest and avoid the damage, but this is not practical on the higher level chests in dangerous monster spawn areas or those little islands at the bottom of Shame where you often cannot get that kind of distance away from the chest. You need Remove Trap skill as well! Using this skill combined with detect hidden, hiding and stealth, you can sneak around the dungeons procuring your wealth in secret. Level 5 chests also have a small chance of containing lockpicker's glasses which increase your Lockpicking, Detect Hidden and Remove Trap skills by 10 and give 100 free Item ID skill provided you are GM Lockpicking. 100 Item ID means you can identify the entire contents of any container in one shot.

To train lockpicking you need a set of lockable containers to work on. You will also need around 300 lockpicks or more to get to GM, depending at which level you start.
You need lockable wooden boxes made with carpentry and tinkering skill, both at 30, 50, 70 and GM. So you will need to buy these or create a carpenter/tinker character and make these boxes for use for training lockpicking and remove trap later. I suggest you make a few at each level to sell to others wishing to be a lockpicker.

These correspond roughly to the points at which you need to switch, plus a box level. So if you buy lockpicking to 30 skill you should be doing the 50 level lockbox. When your skill hits 50 you switch to the 70 tinkering crafted box and at level 70 you work on the final GM crafted box.

Keep your dex LOW. Do lockpicking BEFORE detect hidden because at GM detect hidden you receive a bonus to lockpicking which will prevent you from maxing it out or, at the very least, make it take an age!

Also as your skill gets to 70 or so you need to wear some plate gloves which will make it harder and therefore help you gain faster.

As with most skills here on UOSP, your gains to 70 will be "normal" and then it gets progressively harder. You should be able to gain using GM made chests up to 97 skill. The rest you will need to do on level 4 dungeon chests. Level 5 dungeon chests require 100 lockpicking skill so you will not be able to do those until you reach 100 skill.

If you can obtain a box made by a GM Carpenter+Tinker who was wearing Carpenter's Gloves while he made a lockable box, then that box will be hard enough to get you to GM Lockpicking without the need for dungeon crawling.

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