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Postby David » Mon Nov 07, 2016 3:54 pm

Lumberjacking is very simple but tedious!

You are not allowed to do Lumberjacking AFK. If you are caught running your macro unattended you will be spending some time in jail! You have been warned.

You can hide while you chop here, which gives you some protection from predators.

You can buy Lumberjacking skill from a carpenter using the command "<name> teach Lumberjacking". Note that farmers can also teach Lumberjacking but not as high.

You must hold your axe in your hand and use it, then target the tree. Logs will appear in your pack. When you become over-weight, use the axe on the logs and they will turn into boards which weigh half as much. With 100 Strength I think you should be able to carry about 700 boards, depending on what else you are carrying.

Lumberjacking provides a significant bonus to axe damage (sword skill) in PvP and PvM so it's a bit of a waste to put it on a character that is only going to be a crafter or resource gatherer. You will also gain Lumberjacking skill when fighting with an axe.

Various types of wood spawn here, with all trees producing some normal wood. Coloured wood trees produce about 50% normal wood and 50% coloured. The different types of wood have different uses: Oak makes boats, counters and one or two other things. Ash and Yew are mainly for other furniture. Heartwood, Bloodwood and Frostwood are used to make some very nice staves and bows, especially when crafted with a runic tool available from the platinum and donation vendors. They can be further enhanced using slayer deeds obtained in the same way.

You need to have a certain skill level to be allowed to chop each colour:

Normal: 0 skill
Oak: 70 skill, 10% of trees
Ash: 80 skill, 5% of trees
Yew: 90 skill, 5% of trees
Heartwood: 100 skill, 3% of trees
Bloodwood: 100 skill, 2% of trees
Frostwood: 100 skill, 1% of trees

As with most skills on Siege Perilous, it does take quite a long time to GM this skill, but you will obtain quite a nice amount of woods in the process which will have value to crafters

Here is a macro which will chop the tree to your West and load the boards into pack animals. Courtesy of Swunk. Thanks
Set object queue/delay off in Razor for this macro.

// // // // // // // // //
// Swunk's Free Roam LJ //
// // Object Delay 0 // //
// // // // // // // // //
Assistant.Macros.SpeechAction|2|1150|3|ENU|0|You hack at the tree for a while, but fail to produce any useable wood.
Assistant.Macros.SpeechAction|2|1150|3|ENU|0|You chop some ordinary logs and put them into your backpack.
Assistant.Macros.SpeechAction|2|1150|3|ENU|0|There's not enough wood here to harvest.
Assistant.Macros.HotKeyAction|0|Organizer Agent-4

And here is a zipped up copy of my own macro file which chops the tree immediately to your West. When over-weight it will chop to boards and when full it will stop.
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