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Starting items

Postby David » Wed Jul 20, 2016 10:35 am

The following items will be given to new characters upon creation, depending on the skills chosen:

Everybody: 1000 gold, small red note book, dagger, scissors hued blue/green, lantern, bedroll

Skill items:-

Alchemy: pestle & mortar, empty bottles, pink robe

Anatomy: bandages, yellow robe

Animal lore: shepherds crook, blue robe

Archery: bow & arrows

Arms lore: basic weapon

Begging: gnarled staff

Blacksmith: tongs, ingots, apron, pickaxes

Fletching: boards, feathers, shafts

Camping: bedroll, kindling

Carpentry: saw, boards, apron

Cartography: sextant, blank maps

Cooking: kindling, various raw meats, sack of flour, pitcher of water

Detect hidden: cloak

Discordance: instrument

Fencing: kryss

Fishing: fishing rod, floppy hat

Healing: bandages, scissors

Herding: shepherds crook

Hiding: cloak

Inscription: blank scrolls, blue book

Item ID: gnarled staff

Lockpicking: 20 lockpicks

Lumberjacking: hatchet

Macing: club

Magery: spellbook (12 spells), bag of 30 reagents, magic scrolls, wizard hat, blue robe

Mining: pickaxe

Music: instrument

Parry: wooden shield

Peacemaking: instrument

Poisoning: lesser poison potions

Provocation: instrument

Snooping: lockpicks

Spiritspeak: cloak

Stealing: lockpicks

Swords: katana

Tactics: katana

Tailoring: sewing kit, bolt of cloth

Tracking: boots, skinning knife

Veterinary: bandages, scissors

Wrestling: leather gloves

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