Level 7 Treasure Map Dungeon

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Level 7 Treasure Map Dungeon

Postby lakerc » Thu May 03, 2018 1:24 am

Level 7 Treasure Map Dungeon
1. The Quest NPC "Legendary Cartographer" can be found in Luna above the East entrance to the central area.
2. To gain access you must obtain 5 map fragments which will then be combined to complete a Magic Ancient Treasure Map.
3. Upon double clicking this map it opens a gate to the Dungeon. **Please note: The map will be destroyed in the process so it is a one way trip and you can not gain access again until you find another set of map fragments.
4. While it is possible to Solo your way through this map as a light footed thief [Remove Traps,Stealing, and Lock Picking Required. Detect Hidden recommended] it is recommended to grab a friend or two to navigate the dungeon with you

Inside The Dungeon
1. Walk don't Run is a golden rule here. You'll find a few nasty traps that will lead to an untimely demise if you are to hasty.
2. There is quest that is offered once inside the Dungeon by the ghost of an unfortunate adventurer. The rewards for the quest consist of items like a gold box, silver box, Minotaur Artifact, and Minotaur statue.
3. This dungeon is loaded with Level 6 Chest for the skilled lockpicker to have a go at.
4. There are vampires in this dungeon with the same abilities as a succubus so remember that too many pest on it will cause it to heal faster.
5. Be curious! You'll find a number of fun and interactive features with the dungeon that makes the experience that much more fun.
6. If you've been bested by the dungeon don't worry, there are several locations you can say the magic word (Scribed on the Tile itself) and it will teleport you to an exit Portal.

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