Deep Despise Dungeon

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Deep Despise Dungeon

Postby lakerc » Sat Dec 30, 2017 3:15 am


If you would like the challenge of solving this dungeons challenges and puzzles on your own then please stop here and do not read any further!

"A journey to and through the Deep Despise Dungeon"
by the "Absent Minded" Museum Curator

Footnotes: [Gaining Entry]
1. Your quest begins on the southwest docks in the city of Britain
2. You'll find a adventurer's handbook (Runebook) that takes you through the quest line leads you to the Deep Despise Dungeon.
3. Upon completing the quests you will be ready to enter Deep Despise. To gain entry you'll need to conduct "Escorts" until you are a Knight of Compassion. Unless you find a backdoor into the dungeon if you are "Humble" enough to find it [hint].

[Inside The Dungeon]
Step 1 - You'll note three things, A.) A locked stable door B.) some lizardmen and C.) some particularly annoying Rats. The Key to the locked Stable Doors [A] can be found as a random drop on a lizard man [C].
Warning: Now that you've gained entry into the stable proper, you'll note eight rather despicable nightmares who can and will one shot kill you if given the opportunity so mind a respectful distance unless you intend to engage them.
Step 2 Optional - If you wish to gain entry to the special cell where the random tamable is located you'll need to 1.) Secure a key that drops randomly off a slime then 2.) use that key to gain access to and kill a Despicable Wyrm.
Step 3 - 1. Travel due south from the Stable doors to a gate at the end of the hall way past the Nightmares and Trolls. Once through this gate you'll take a right and come to a wall with a window in it. 2. To open this wall you must cast Telekinesis on the lever through the wall opening and the door will open for you. Note: there is a hidden path through this section OR you can simply teleport through it.
Step 4 - **Please have a ring of invisibility, or invis pots at your disposal here, and a teleport ring if you have no magery** 1. Once past the hidden path area you'll travel North to the end of the hall where you see some rubble blocking the hallway. 2. You'll want to pull the lever on the wall to your left 3. immediately teleport over the stone (there is specific spot you must stand against the east wall) 4. Once over the rubble run through the open doors and into the room with the Ogre Lords. You must hurry here or the door will close again. If you're a tamer this is a rather easy fight but if your a mage I've found blade spirits and Invis are your best friends here to kill the Ogre lords. NOTE: if you need to make an emergency exit from the room then use the lever by the door to open them up because they will not open for you otherwise. 5. You'll need to kill many of these Ogre Lords [20-50] until the Lieutenant Spawns, Kill the Lieutenant and retrieve a statue from the body.
Step - 5 1. Now that you have your statue you can leave the Ogre Lords room and travel down the hallway west and enter the room at the end of the hall by pulling the lever present there. This is a good room to rest and regroup since nothing spawns in this room. 2. there are two ways into the BOSS room from here. You can A.) use the statue you have by walking up to the door and the wall will automatically open for you or B.) you can have a GM Archer with you and gain access to the Rat archer perches above should you chose, by pulling the lever on the stone bench. NOTE: Recommend using reactive armor to reduce the damage while in this room and small/short heals <OR> protection while in this room else your spell casting will be interrupted.
3. Once inside the statue bearer should walk to the center of the room until a message appears that the BOSS is coming and the statue disappears from your bag. Having a tamer with you is a recommended way to kill this boss, however it can be accomplished with an archer or well armored warriors cross healing one another. NOTE: Stepping on the blood will summon blood rats, more extremely annoying rats.
Step 6 - Kill the boss, Take the bag of loot, and make a hasty exit via the portal in the room.

SPECIAL STEP - OPTIONAL - "Obtaining the Boss's Statue" :
If you chose to go after the Statue in the BOSS room located behind the gate you'll need to pull the following levers in sequence and within a reasonably short period of time.
1. Entrance Door Lever
2. Lizard Man Room Lever
3. Ogre Lord Room Lever
4. Mage Room Lever
5. Finally the Boss Room Lever (This opens the Gate to the treasure/statue for only one second so this step requires 2 people)

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