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Tamer Pets Summary

Posted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 7:35 pm
by lakerc
Greater Dragon [Top end just over 1700 HPs which is a little higher than Retail]
Korpre (Evolving Pet that comes in 4 different types) [3-5K HPs]
Cu Sidhe [Fighting Mount - 1K HPs]
Ki-Rin [Fighting Mount]
Bake Kitsune
Ancient Steed [Fighting Mount]
Dark Steed [Fighting Mount]
Hiryu [Fighting Mount]
White Wyrm
Toxic Dragon
Fire Wyrm
Ice Wyrm
Despicable Wyrm [Rare -Event Pet]
Skeletal Dragon [Required GM Spirit Speak]
Reptalon [Fighting Mount]
Fire Steed [Fighting Mount]
Unicorn [Fighting Mount]
Nightmare [Fighting Mount]
Swamp Dragon [Armored Mount]

[Under Development - More To Come]