Crafting with different metals

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Crafting with different metals

Postby David » Fri Sep 16, 2016 10:56 am

I will try to clear up the armour material confusion.
As it stands, you get no defensive bonus from using Valorite over normal Iron.
However, you are supposed to get more durability with higher metals.(I've not tested this)
In the later era (Age of Shadows I think), metals and woods were given different features. You might get +50 durability and 10% cold resist plus 3 self repair for example, depending on the metal.
That doesn't work here because we don't have AoS features turned on.
However, you can make enhanced armour and weapons by using a runic tool which on an exceptional piece will grant you up to indestructible supremely accurate weapons of vanquishing or indestructible armour of invulnerability using Valorite metal or Heartwood/Bloodwood/Frostwood.
A runic tool also has a small chance of creating a slayer weapon.
You can buy super slayer or lesser slayer deeds from the reward vendors for 300 or 100 platinum. These will give you a choice of which super-slayer or lesser slayer power to your weapon. You can apply two slayer powers to any weapon.
As well as this you can also add powder of fortification to apply more durability to your weapon or armour. Each application of powder increases it's hit points by 10 up to a maximum of 250
powder of fortification is a smith BOD reward or you can buy it for 10 platinum


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