Item Imbuing [Armor & Weapons]

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Item Imbuing [Armor & Weapons]

Postby lakerc » Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:52 am

Really enjoying the new "Item Imbuing". Here is the rundown as I've come to understand (and use) it.

There are now essentially 4 different hammer types available:
1. Silver Hammer [Extracts 1 Silver Ingot from a Silver wpn, and Adds Silver to any Wpn at the cost of 6 Silver Ingots]
2. Blue Hammer [Extracts 1 Tactical Essence from a wpn, and Adds +25 Tactics to any Wpn at the cost of 6 Essence]
3. Red Hammer [Extracts 1 elemental Power from Vanq/Invuln wpn/Armor, and Adds Vanq/Invuln to Wpn/Armor at the cost of 6 Elemental Power]
4. Purple Hammer [Extracts 1 Duranium Alloy from Indestructible wpn/Armor, and Adds Indestructable to Wpn/Armor at the cost of 6 Duranium Alloy]

I took some time to play around with item imbuing on Test and have the following results for Armor.

TEST 1 [General Comparison]
Normal Exceptional Leather 7AR
Leather Invun Mob Drop 17AR
Exceptional Leather with Enhanced Invun 20AR

TEST 2 [AR Comparison based on Armor Sets]
Exceptional-Studded Barbed Invuln-75AR(-0Dex)
Exceptional-Chain Dex Suit Invuln-87AR(-5Dex)
Exceptional Dragon Invuln-84AR(-11Dex)
Exceptional-FullPlate Invuln 99AR(-19Dex)
MobDrop-Bone Invuln w/Gorget 66AR(-14 Dex)
MobDrop-DaemonBone-Enhanced Invuln 82AR (-14 Dex)
Exceptional-Bone Invuln w/Gorget 90AR(-14Dex)
MobDrop-FullPlate Invuln 74AR (-19Dex)
MobDrop-DaemonBone-Enhanced Invuln 82AR (-14 Dex)

**Please note that the exceptional bonus does vary each time so these number may be +/- a couple AR

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