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Re: Update History

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 1:03 pm
by David
Update 2018 March 30th to April 2nd

The St Patrick's Day event has ended

The Easter event was started. Nasties have taken over Easter Trinsic (instance) including a giant Easter bunny with a very bad attitude, some other tainted creatures, and worst of all Dreadhorn has escaped from it's island prison and is rampaging in Trinsic. There is a repeatable quest to kill him with some enhanced plate armour pieces (forming a complete set in time) as a prize. The quests were obtained at Luna bank.

Cloth pigments added. These are a one shot dye bottle but can be combined to increase uses provided the hue is the same. A second quest in Easter Trinsic to locate Easter Dragon Eggs found in level 5 treasure chests, puzzle chests and on dragons, gives a set of these dyes as a repeatable prize.

Protective earrings give +10 magery, 2AR and defend chance

The Easter barrels will now exchange the statues that drop on Easter Bunnies for a Platinum coin as well as giving tokens for your eggs. The barrels will accept bags of mixed eggs and statues

Tempered leggings - enhanced plate mail legs +1AR and 3 less dex penalty

The Easter event has been closed. Joint winners of the Dreadhorn quest were Milliani and Lander (81 points) who get a statue prize each, describing the event. A respectable third place (74 points) was obtained by Cameron. The most cloth pigment "dye packs" were collected by Fireball (9)

Re: Update History

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:57 pm
by David
Update 2018 April 15th

Item Bless Deed added. This will bless a weapon, armour piece, clothing, Runebook, key or other item which cannot be exploited. eg. Containers cannot be blessed. The deed is crafted by a GM or higher scribe using three preparations crafted by A GM alchemist, a GM tinker and a GM cook using 6 hard to obtain items EACH. See our main website Compendium section for details.

Created some of the items required for the above deed constituents. Added the drops to various tough monsters. Added to the cooking, tinkering and alchemy craft menus

Created map fragment items and added to level 5 and level 6 dungeon chest contents

Created Ancient Treasure Map item which on use opens a gate to the Level 7 treasure map dungeon. 5 map fragments must be turned in to a quest NPC in Luna in exchange for an ancient treasure map

Created Ring of Plundering which grants a bonus of 10 to Lockpicking, Remove Trap and Stealing skills

Detect Hidden skill now detects dungeon traps

GM Flazban created the Level 7 treasure map dungeon

Burglar's Bandana erroneously required GM stealing in order to grant bonus - fixed

Miracle Grow potion now only grows plants to the fully grown and pollenating stage on first use. Then on second use on a pollinated plant produces the seeds and resources

Recipe scrolls now state what they are for, when single clicked

Added some SA/SE items to crafting menus for most professions

Re: Update History

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:03 pm
by David
Update 2018 April 23rd

Detect Hidden skill now displays [Trapped] above traps for all players within range. Hidden flame traps will become visible.

All forms of magical glasses can now use different paperdoll slots: Earrings, Neck, Head, Bracelet or Ring. Wear whatever items you normally do and double-click your glasses in your backpack. They will find the first free slot in the order list above and change to it.

Blacksmithy now uses the actual ore and ingot hue rather than the default hue for that resource when crafting weapons and armour. Smelting an item will return ingots in the default resource hue however.

Enabled AOS/ML crafted weapons and armour

Changed the name of "Total Replenish Potion" to "Mana Replenishment" to make its purpose more obvious

Updated the loot for Level 6 dungeon chests

Re: Update History

Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 6:01 pm
by David
Update 2018 May 1st

Check line of sight when NPCs call guards on thieves etc. Previously they would call guards on you within 12 tiles of them. Now they have to be able to see you but be aware they seem to have better eyesight than you! We will try to refine this further.

Changed the remaining skill bonus items to correctly display the skills that are raised when the item is worn.

Created new "Bloody Bandana" which is the reward for Flazban's new quest beginning in the tavern in Buccs Den. +5 tactics & fencing 15% attack chance, 10% weapon damage.

Added new castle sized home "Babylon Palace" created by GM Otis. Please download the latest client patch dated March 28th 2018 or later

Re: Update History

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:36 pm
by David
Update 2018 June 4th

Created soggy map pieces and complete pirate map for Dead Mans Island quest.
Created tropical plant seeds single palm, triple palm, yucca tree, small and large banana trees. currently dropped by pirates
GMs Otis and Flazban created Dead Man's Island at Trammel's Terra Sanctum complete with canon fort, pirate ship, under-water area and sunken ship with final boss. The quest starts at Skara Brae North dock.

Created quest with Flazban to exchange grown plants for special dyes which colour cloth or leather.
Created plant pigments for the above. The quests start at 4 tailor shops around Britannian towns

Completed the long awaited seed box. Dropping seeds onto this display table will identify them and file them into the correct categories. Double click the display table to bring up a gump detailing plant type and hue. The system only accepts normal breedable seeds, not bonsai, peculiar or fragrant seeds.

Added Exodus quest mobs and items including boss Clockwork Exodus

Populated New Haven

Activated Young system for new players who now start in New Haven

Added two new houses; druid palace and rustic manor

Upgraded to Client involving unimaginable changes!

Re: Update History

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 8:44 am
by David
There have been so many changes lately that it is hard to list them all, but I will try.

I started all this as UOSP over three years ago. We have now re-launched as UO:Utopia so please update any references or links you have from UOSP.NET to so our login is now as of a few weeks back. Please do not use the old address although I do plan on putting back up the old Siege Perilous ruleset shard on that address as it was back in 2016 in the near future. The work was done so it seems silly to just throw it away.

One of the main re-launch features has been moving to UO client version 7 and so many changes have related to that, that I simply cannot list them all. Many monsters have been added, new quests and items. New houses and of course the old houses all had to be ported into the new client. Our pre-existing unique houses had to have their positions, region definitions, doors and signs and ALL of the internal items like chests and lockdowns moved by one tile and then the whole house WITH its contents moved by one tile back again in order for it to be in the same location it started at under client version 5 and 6! Yes it was a monumental amount of work and I must thank my amazing staff for their perseverance and help to get it all done in a single day after it had been tested to the point of our insanity on the Test server! One amusing thing was that we found someone's house cellar embedded in a mountain some time later. We still don't know who it belonged to!

House vendors like stablemasters can now cross house BlockTiles. These are designed to prevent non-friends from crossing them but they also block creatures and therefore were until now also blocking house bankers, provisioners etc. So if they accidentally got removed from the house ("remove thyself" for example) they could not get back in!

House vendors can not now be banned, so the above is unlikely to happen anyway except for those like the stablemaster that can wander around.

The email registration system is in the process of being revamped. If you choose to register your email address, it will now be logged in your account file. Previously it was stored in a complex way in an XML dictionary file so if that file ever got corrupted (and it did!!) it would wipe the file, losing track of you and ask for your email again. The new method is also GDPR friendly, allowing you to change or remove your email address yourself using the [account command in-game. I promise that we will never spam you - the purpose of registering is not only to confirm your identity but is used by the system to inform you if one of your houses is about to fall down, or for me to contact you for a genuine game/admin reason.

Created Dock Town in Felucca. This normally only exists in Trammel which is not normally available here. As an introduction to the newly discovered town, GM Flazban has set up a quest. Dock Town has been taken over by pirates who are also invading the mainland town of Vesper. Pick up the quest from the Mayor of Vesper by the bank. You will need to kill the pirates and take their "pirate's tricorn hat" if they have one, and you will need 100 to complete your quest. Use your quest book to target the hats. You will also need to kill the First Mate at Dock Town and the pirate Captain who is a peerless boss. Among the prizes is a ship deed.

It is a good idea to take the Bloody Bandana quest at the same time (obtained from the inn at Bucc's Den), as this requires 50 humanoid heads which you can gather from the pirates by cutting their heads off and targeting them with your quest book. You will also need to kill a named in Nujel'm.

Exodus Expansion: Exodus dungeon gets a new boss and a new quest.

Bloody Bandana: +10 to Fencing and Tactics, +10 AF, +10% Weapon Damage, +15% Attack Chance. Can be dyed.

Bonesmasher: a mace, +10 Mace skill, 2 Self repair, 40 Leech mana

Flesh Ripper: Uses best skill, +10 Anatomy, +5 STR, +15 Attack Chance, 40 weapon speed.

Talon Bite: an axe but uses best skill, +10 Tactics, +8 DEX, +20% weapon speed, +35% weapon damage, Proc: Harm

Dread's Revenge: kryss, +20 Fencing, +15% Attack chance, +50% Weapon Speed, Proc: Poison AOE

Aegis of Grace: a helm, +10 Magic Resist, +20% Defend chance, 2 self repair

Stitcher's Mittens: +10 Healing, +5 DEX, 30% Lower reagent cost

Song Woven Mantle: arms, +10 Music, +5% Defend chance, +100 Luck (Luck supposedly works on loot drop but unsure if it works here currently)

Gloves of the Pugilist: leather gloves, +10 Wrestling, +8 DEX, +15% Weapon damage

Bracelet of Health: +5 Hits, +10% Regen Hits, Blessed

Pendent of the Magi: necklace, also craftable by tinkers, +10 INT, +3% Regen Mana, +5% Spell damage, 10% Lower Mana use, 30% Lower reagent use, Blessed

Essence of Battle: ring, also craftable by tinkers, +7 DEX, +7 STR, +30% Weapon damage, Blessed

Resilient Bracer: bracelet, also craftable by tinkers, +15 Magic Resist, +5 Hits, 2 Regen Hits, +10% Defend chance, Blessed

Earrings of the Magi: also craftable by tinkers, +10 Magery, +10 EvalInt, +5 STR, +5 DEX, +5 INT, 2 Cast recovery, Blessed

Hat of the Magi: wizard hat, +10 INT, 4 Regen Mana, +10% Spell damage

Hygieias Amulet: artefact neckalace, +10 Alchemy,

Dupre's Shield: Existed but didn't work, 15 AF, +10 Parry, +5 Hits, 1 Regen Hits, Blessed (was part of the Easter quest rewards)

Magical glasses default to earring slot, and can be double clicked to find an empty slot. If all jewellery slots are occupied, glasses will now also try Talisman, Cloak and Waist slots in the following order: Earrings, Neck, Helm, Bracelet, Ring, Talisman, Cloak, Waist. Note that in the last three positions you can only remove them from your paperdoll by dragging from your eyes.

The +3AF Veteran Reward robes and cloaks were only giving +2AF - Corrected.

Quiver of Infinity: Quiver holds 500 arrows or bolts, Weight Reduction 30%, 20% lower ammo use, +5 Defend chance, Blessed

Quiver of the Centaur Lord: +8 DEX, 30% Weight reduction, 20% lower ammo use, +10% defend chance, +20% Weapon speed, Blessed. Can drop from Twaulo or Centaur Lords. Can be dyed using Plant Pigments or Pigments of Tokuno.

Shroud of Tal'Keesh: a hooded robe in special blue, +3AF, Blessed

Added new house: Mage Tower designed by GM Otis. The tower floats on energy above a flat base. Entry via mystical teleporter by house friends only.

Kindling would not light in most dungeons, preventing camping

Turned on Mining bonus gems and lumberjack bonus resources required for high end crafted items

Enabled New Haven. Newbie accounts which create a new character will now start in New Haven (Trammel) no matter what town they select as a starting town. Older accounts will start in their selected Felucca towns. To leave New Haven, you must lose your Young Player status by playing enough hours or gaining enough skills or you can say the words "I renounce my young player status". The [Young] tag will disappear from your title and you will be able to leave New Haven via the Moongate which is outside the SouthWest town entrance on the runed path. The Moongate currently takes you to Felucca Ocllo, but this may be changed to Luna in Malas in the future.

Re: Update History

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 9:35 am
by David
Update 2018 July 7th

As I once again make life easier for crafters, we now have some special glasses for Blacksmiths. If you have 100 skill in Blacksmithy, Fletching and Tinkering, the glasses will grant you 100 Arms Lore for free. This helps when using our imbuing hammers and resources which require 100 Armslore to turn a weapon into a Vanquishing one.

The Clean Up Britannia barrel found in most towns can now be purchased for Platinum or donation coins for use in your house. In addition, the updated barrel will also now accept Talismans assuming they have some properties on them. Finally, if those small reward statues are dropped onto them you will also be granted 1 Platinum coin. You can also drop bags of items onto the barrel to claim the entire contents.

Enamel paint now works on weapons

The Easter event prize "a holy knight's shield" is now dyable with enamel paint and Tokuno pigments.

Bed sheets are now craftable by tailors. These folded sheets are not only nice deco but can also be dyed and used to change the colour of your bed.

Fixed a glitch with some jewellery

Increased capacity of the centaur lord's quiver

Re: Update History

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:18 am
by David
Update 2018 August 11th

Enamel paint now works on decorative shield house addon

Clean Up Britannia barrel now has to be locked down for it to work and corrected a coin calculation error on talismans

Some locked down items were not checking permissions correctly

Could not secure items like dye tubs in basements. Locked down they allow access by anyone, secure them to set permission levels

Interior decorator would not turn single tile house addons in this era (eg suit of golden armour) - fixed.

Added tamable and non-tamable stygian dragons. Added to Abyss dungeon and quest

Added Primeval Lich monster <shudder> and added to Abyss dungeon

Added many other monsters and mini-bosses (Thanks Flazban!) to appropriate Abyss dungeon and Underworld zones

Added item description when you get the "your equipment is severely damaged" message so now you know which piece it is!

Added druid quest with multi levels - Thank you Flazban

Created Enchanted Writing Desk and added to crafting

Made the virtual Holy Knight's armour items from the Easter quest into real armour items

Added soul forges and soul hammers and created a simple imbuing system for adding magical bonuses to weapons, armour and shields using various rare resources many of which also had to be created. New items will be added as we progress.

Fixed crash bug when using area effect spells around player statue

100 Dragon Blood now imbues 60% speed increase on a weapon.

Gray Goblins can drop some imbuing ingredients and have been added to the Repond slayer group

Re: Update History

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:37 pm
by David
Update 2018 August 25th

Ethereal type pets, including the solid hue ones, now take no follower slots.

Created Machete of the Moon - a single handed machete with axe bonus to lumberjacks and a life tap

A weapon can now be made "Use Best Skill" by imbuing with a hydra scale

Created Osiredon the Scalis Enforcer sea monster. Summoned using a Legendary Fishing Net found like other fishing nets

Created Legendary Fishing Net

Leather "leaf" armour can now be worn by all races not just elves

Recipe scrolls now give their description when added to your repertoire

Twaulo has had his pixie helper spawn reduced

a couple more resources will also be stackable now, but not existing ones I don't think. The black tome things and the little white remnants of an ancient scroll.

If you re-shrink your tigers from the other night and wolf dragon, they should now give the correct shrunken pet statue.

Also you can now use a taxidermy kit on Dread Horn to get a rather puny looking wall mount(edited)

Stygian Dragon pets can now be reduced in size by naming them and using the command small or large so "fred small" will make fred the smaller drake sized creature. Shrinking the newer pets should now give a proper statue instead of the "orange" . If you have a pet that still shrinks to an orange/sigil thing please let me know so I can add it to the shrink item list

Imbuing hammer now uses a couple of new items but I'm not sure they are working yet so more investigation is required

New artifact Crystalline Ring should be as Retail but without Focus skill as we don't have that here

Medusa was revamped and went live yesterday when I put the new UPSes online. She now spawns up to 10 asps which are poisonous and extremely irritating sorry <evil grin> so she is not the walk-over she was. Keep alert with the snakes and you will be OK. Medusa also now can drop a rather fetching Medusa Statue and can be carved for a whole raft of scales and 2 extra blood. Double carve will remove her corpse though so use caution with multi players

Medusa now spawns as herself or one of her two sisters. All three are identical in every way except name. There are three instances of Medusa. So three people or groups can fight her at the same time in different instances. So when you walk in the gate to her lair do not approach or attack her until all of your group are in that instance. When you attack her you will switch the gate to the next instance.

There is now a Pet Dye Tub. If you have a Korpre Dye Tub and would like to change it please see me for a free replacement. However hues may be changed on the Pet Dye Tub in the next week as we see what dyed pets look like so you may want to hang on to your korpre dye tub which will not change

Re: Update History

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 12:15 pm
by David
Update 2018 October 8th

This update has had a heavy focus on magery to bring it in line with the other skill modernizations of late.

Poison spell: Now gives a poison level based on magery and poisoning skill added together. This applies to Poison Field too.
Poison level per skill total is now:
<=99: lesser
100: normal
170: greater
200: deadly

Area spells such as Earthquake, Meteor Swarm and Chain Lightning have had damage re-calculated for the AOS magery system which meant re-writing the code which reduces damage to 1 for players who are in a player house. Changed now to include cellars and courtyards.

Scrappers Compendium spellbook has had Spell Damage Increase raised from 25% to 35%
This is to make it worthwhile now we have imbuing to normal spellbooks of 30% SDI with pristine dreadhorn head and 60% with champion skull of pain

Green Thorns: The amount of reagents produced from planting a thorn has been increased.

GM command XmlFind for locating items or mobiles in the world has been expanded to include Ter Mur facet

Created Abyssal Blade artifact as per UO Guide and Stratics. Very nasty weapon with leech to hits, stamina and mana.

Modified Stone War Sword to be wearable by humans

Using the iron maiden teleporter to Bedlam dungeon does not require quest completion here, however the quest has been made available for those that wish to do it.

Many other Mondain's Legacy Quests have also been enabled.

Provocation has been amended to allow creatures to be provoked onto monster that would previously be immune.
eg. you can not provoke a boss monster, but can provoke a lich lord to attack it.

Stygian Dragon Pets can now be made smaller or larger to reduce the impact of their enormous bulk on targeting anything in the vicinity! Use the voice command "<name> small" or "<name> large" to switch back and forth.

Updated the pet shrink table with the latest client 7 creatures

Created Grim Reaper monster for Halloween 2018. He is a very nasty fellow indeed and a message will be broadcast to the world when he spawns and when he dies. If you attack him he will teleport to you wherever you are in the game. There is no escape! If you cast a spell on him, he will also teleport you to him! Not only does he drop a nice black "wet look" or "velvet look" hooded robe with nice stats, but he also drops some green bone gloves and a very nasty black scythe! On top of this, he also drops almost any artefact in the game. Grimreaper will be available from this Friday 12th October through to 5th November when our Guy Fawkes day/night takes over.
Grim Robe: blessed, Hiding +10, Lower mana cost 10%, Regen Stamina 2, Defend Chance 10%. Did I mention it is black velvet? :)
Reaper Gloves: Tactics +10, Attack Chance 10%, +5 Hit points
Grimreaper Scythe: Life leech 100%, Harm proc 25%, Spell Damage Increase 10%, Weapon Damage Increase 50%, Undead Slayer (Silver)

Created Treasure Pumpkin for Halloween event. This is a treasure chest that looks like a pumpkin

Spellbooks are now engravable using a spellbook engraving tool which is available from a quest which starts in the Britain Library next to the castle. This is to help identify spellbooks set up for a specific dungeon or purpose. Works just like the weapon engraving tool. Enter no text to remove the message

Added ML resists to armour on crafting

Made some adjustments to weapon damage based on the AOS/Mondain's systems. AOS damage calculations now occur for weapons from that era

Some time back I made a map item that could be used as a quest reward (for example) to teleport a player to either our Level 7 treasure map dungeon region, or the Pirate Island quest/event. This item has now been expanded to allow it to be re-used for other purposes so now it can be renamed and changed into a different object which when double clicked will open a gate to a pre-programmed location.

Shroud of Deceit artefact created. +10 Magic resist, +3 Regen hit points

All bosses now drop imbuing ingredients

Tailoring: Added several craftables including Spell Woven Britches, Song Woven Mantle and Stitchers Mittens artefacts

Scroll of Transcendence now displays the skill which it increases.

Added current monsters to Monster Statuette list

Created Jade Armband jewellery artefact Attack and Defend Chance +10. Weapon speed 5

Added Crimson Meteor peerless boss attack for Abyssal Infernal boss

Created Staff of Pyros artefact dropped by Abyssal Infernal boss

Created mobile banker which can be purchased for 1000 plat. Can be used anywhere. "<name> shrink" or "<name> box" to return to blessed statuette form. These guys cannot be damaged and will follow you or stay like a pet. They only work for you, the owner. This was not intended so I will look at allowing anyone nearby to say "bank" to open their bank box in the future.

Made almost all of the imbuing ingredients stackable. Previously created ingredients will not be.

The Korpre Queen now drops Void Orbs

Pets will now teleport with you into and out of your house cellar

You can now click on a player and select "Add to Party" to add them.

Machete of the Moon could not be repaired. Fixed.

created [Attribs command to list your total weapon and spell attributes. for example it now shows your spell damage increase total as you are currently configured. Note that this is a sum total of the individual items you are wearing and does not take into account caps or slayers. It also shows your current magic reflect circles remaining.

Magic Reflect now displays the buff icon when active, whether cast or from a ring/bracelet. It will disappear when Magic Reflect has worn off. To display your buff icons, double click your health bar to expand it and click on the blue blob at the top left.