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Re: Update History

Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:22 pm
by David
Update Christmas 2017

Christmas Event activated and updated to include two Champion level boss mobs; The Grinch and Jack Frost. Added two new rares to the castle and spawning stone tiles and korpre eggs

Made Kirin rideable and tameable by females

Enabled AoS Veterinary bandaging time.

Forensics now does a skill check on containers from 50 skill

Korpre eggs now state what type they are: Daemon, Spider, Titan or Horde Demon

Created new colour swatch for Korpre Dye Tub

Created new Metallic Korpre Dye Tub with metallic leather hues.

Roaming turkeys removed

Although standard factions are not used here, it was still over-riding guarding of Lord British's castle. Moved to zone to our Human Faction Stronghold of Blackthorn's castle

Serado superboss: Added lightning spell counter-attack, reduced poison counter attack to Deadly and range from 25 to 8 tiles. Was impossible to survive lethal poison up to 25 tiles away! May reduce intensity by range in future.

Semidar superboss: reduced life drain area effect chance from 25% to 20% as adding more pets to it actually made it very hard to kill. Need to add a cooldown timer to this effect in future

Re: Update History

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 2:29 pm
by David
Update 2018 January 7th

Enabled and populated Tokuno facet. The portal is in Britain in the Chamber of Virtue

Beetles now drop to Minimum tame skill of 10 on tame to allow use by non-tamers.

Updated Iron Beetle with context menu entries for mining stone and made him turn iron coloured
when he digs or smelts regular iron ore and back to his normal hue when finished. (went blue before on both counts) They change hue to match the ore they are mining or smelting.

Pet Bond deed did not work with beetles if the player had no taming. Fixed

Stablemasters will now check beetles' backpacks are empty before stabling

Ninjas now have only a small chance of dropping a Book of Ninjitsu

Created "Click Teleporter" which can be used to create hidden doors and other devices to teleport players to a location on double clicking

Updated the House Cellars to place the cellar 30 Z below the base height of the house - where the centre point touches the ground. Previously used a very weird average map height calculation which didn't work in high or low regions.

Updated cellars and house region to allow lock-downs. Also the cellars were preventing things from being put down in a courtyard. Fixed.

Enabled craftable walls and floor tiles. These were initially designed to prevent them being put down somewhere that wasn't your house to prevent blocking exploits. That is disabled for now because it presented other issues.

Note that some ground tiles will appear to vanish from a cellar floor, where in fact they are at the same height Z as the cellar floor and so will be obscured from view. If you do use a ground tile in your cellar, use the interior decorator tool to raise it 1 Z so it remains visible.
Modified Interior Decorator to work in cellars and courtyards

Harmony Earrings now boost Musicianship by 10 also

Increased the speed of beetles

Egg bomb does not require hiding skill

Added Conflagration and Confusion Blast potions and Smoke Bombs to Alchemy crafting menu

Enable Phase 1 of Treasures of Tokuno

Re: Update History

Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:48 pm
by David
Update 2018 January 14th

Added 4 new player homes:
Marble Villa 340k ( by Cameron)
Abbey 1,900,000 (Cameron)
King's Court 4 mil (Cameron)
Citadel 3 mil (Mafghine)
Images of these will be available on the Houses section later
You will need to download the Client Patch from our download page.

Iron beetles: Removed the ingots to bank transfer. Too overpowered. Fixed a crash bug. When the beetle becomes full he will stick at converting ore to ingots, perhaps indefinitely, so give the command "takebrake" or "take break" and then take out at least the iron ingots so he can carry on mining.

Created a Korpre Queen to guard the Korpre hatchlings in Doom. She is very tough like any mini-boss and she lays named Korpre eggs as well as dropping one on her death.

Cellar add-on could be re-deeded by anybody! Fixed so only the house owner can re-deed.

Re: Update History

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:32 pm
by David
Update 2018 January 21st

Iron beetles will now mine stone.

Added three stone craftable cooking range type "ovens" in South or East options as house add-ons. (Thanks Cameron)

Improved provocation chance by applying a patch that we found and also capping the difficulty. Should have about a 50% chance now of provoking a balron onto another.

Add Crystal Portal and Corrupted Crystal Portas. These drop from Gauntlet monsters. Basically a speech teleporter. Lock down to use. Double click for command info.

Created "Virtuoso" boss monster (he is a bard) who drops the Earrings of Harmony as well as normal boss loot and resources. Added him to the Fey slayer group.

Added the ability for monsters to stealth and applied that to some sneaky monsters :)

Updated many Tokuno monsters to drop platinum coins.

Re: Update History

Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:33 pm
by David
Update 2018 January 28th

"swab deck" voice command removes animal and monster corpses from a boat deck. Player corpses and items are unaffected.

Shrunken pets now display pet type and stats

Arcane Gem was not checking for max charges on Translocation items like bag of sending so gems were being lost if the item was already fully charged. Fixed.

Recall runes that had been dyed were reverting to the normal facet colour after a server restart. Fixed.

Magic keys were able to open doors with no lock combination just by being in your bag without being consumed. Fixed.

Re: Update History

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:11 pm
by David
Update 2018 February 04

Silver Hammers now work on spellbooks and instruments as well as weapons to add Silver Slayer

Duranium and Elemental hammers now also work on armour

Orange Petals should now work and have a 25% chance of resisting lethal poison

Some new monsters added to slayer vulnerability list

smoke and egg bombs are now stackable (needs a new tiledata.mul file)

Corrected a bug in magicresist to give the correct resist chance

Magery bonus damage corrected as per Stratics and ServUO

Abyssmal Horror body changed to make it obvious it is a daemon type

Many monsters updated with platinum and resources loot changes

Re: Update History

Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:20 pm
by David
Update 2018 February 10-15

Harrower loot re-done. Now drops 50 rare resources. All 4 magic hammers. 160 Platinum divided between each damage contributor. One Harrower statuette and one tentacles statuette. Total gold from the Golden Shower and tentacles loot is around 800,000k. The Tentacles also drop 50 reagents each, 4 rare resources each and 15-75 necro reagents each.

Double-Carving a monster corpse (not a player) deletes the corpse

Implemented Jack Ward's armour absorption problem fix until I can get to fixing it the way I want to...

Upgraded talismans with the latest slayer features etc. Still need to find a way to display their large amounts of info to players

Added Animal Pheromone resource

Added Wight monster, Fire Rabbit and Ice Hound

Upgraded armour on Lumberjacking and Mining bonus gloves to be the same AR as ringmail valorite gloves

Valentine's 2018 enabled

Dangerous Liasons updated and released

Fixed Chief Paraxaysmus damage which was far too high in our era.

Wearable glasses have been moved from the earring slot to the ring slot. The main reason for this is that you do not need to wear invis and teleport rings in order to use them so those slots are normally empty. Whereas reflect earrings could not be used if you have one of the magical glasses. An update to the Tiledata.mul file was required for this, so please download the client update from our website and over-write your existing Tiledata.mul file which allows you to put your glasses on if you are wearing a hat.

All glasses have now been given Night Sight at around nightsight potion level.

Introduced Magical Glasses which give a +10 bonus to magery if you have 100 magery

Introduced Lockpicker's Glasses which give 100 free Item ID skill and +10 to Lockpicking, Detect Hidden and Remove Trap if you have 100 Lockpicking skill

Scribes Glasses which gave +20 to inscription if you are a GM scribe now additionally give a bonus to Magery

Hunter's Glasses have had their hue changed to a dark orange to make them easier to spot in a monster's corpse.

Re: Update History

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:27 pm
by David
Update 2018 March 1st

Fixed immediate logoff in cellars and courtyards. Previously you had to wait to time-out

House Teleporters now have a context menu when in your backpack to allow you to clear or mark them

Repair item was checking against Base skill for reducing durability during repair, so a weapon or whatever would always lose 1 durability every time it was repaired. I have changed this to use skill value and further enhanced it so that if you are GM Blacksmithy and wear Blacksmith gloves or use the ancient hammer to push your skill value over 100 will result in no loss of durability. This also applies to tailoring, fletching, carpentry.

Name verification was rejecting player names with "LB" in them. Why? Short for Lord British perhaps? That has now been removed from the name filter

Nightmares, Shadow Wyrms, and some other creatures that drop leather in their own colours were changing back to regular hued leather at server restart due to a serialisation error - ie, the hue was not being saved with the game saves

Tamer's Heart Amulet has been tweaked to allow future enhancement and adds Veterinary bonus.

Our custom skill boosting items have had the skill and bonus amount added to their description. I am working through them all but most are done.

I have turned on weapon procs in the AoS code as well as some weapon and armour enhancements which bring artefacts back to life. Am also working through the parts that are not yet working and manually adding their skill and stat bonuses. See below. I am not certain that some aspects, such as increased weapon damage or enhanced potions, are working because these are quite hard to gauge.

Alchemist's Bauble now gives +10 Magery, lower reagent use (20%) and not sure about Enhanced Potions (+30%)
Burglar's Bandana now gives +5 Dex as well as +10 to Stealing, Stealth and Snooping
Gloves of the Pugilist now give +8 Dex and +10 to Wrestling and not sure about 15% weapon damage
Too many to list here but any artefacts I could find which had skill bonuses should now be activated and they should show the skill name and bonus amount when you single-click them

Melisande's special hair dyes were refusing to operate without a Mondain's Legacy client. I kicked it into submission.

Re: Update History

Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2018 5:29 pm
by David
Update 2018 March 10th

Crystal Portal was sending you to Ocllo Moongate at a high altitude causing damage when you moved and fell to the ground. Fixed. Also added "yew mint" which transports you inside Empath Abbey

Added some information to Talisman single-click as to their special abilities. This can be a lot of information so this will become a gump in future.

Added 5 new houses - well shops really. Sandstone Shop, Medium Sandstone Shop and Large Sandstone Workshop (which is huge!) and a Medium Marble Shop. There is also the Stone "Canon" Fort. All of our custom houses can now be viewed in Greenacres. There is a special Moongate just West of West Britain Bank which will take you there, and a regular Moongate to take you out at both ends of the row of houses. Please download the latest client update in order to see these houses.

Added Global Chat. Uses the Alliance Chat system which is used by typing the "pipe" symbol, which is usually a shifted backslash. The text prompt will still say "Alliance:" in blue as this appears to be fixed in the client. This will have to change in the future when we need Guild Alliances.

Allow 5 characters per account as we progress towards our re-brand as UO Utopia. Character Slot Deeds will in the future increase this further to 6 or even 7 when we move to Client V7

Leprechauns are now tougher and can drop a couple more items

Re: Update History

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2018 3:39 pm
by David
Update 2018 March 17th

Welcome to GM Flazban who has joined us as our new Events and Quests Manager last weekend. Our team now comprises GM Otis, the elusive GM Ace, plus of course myself.

Please check out Flazban's new quests, one of which starts at Luna Bank and the other in the forests East of Destard

A new type of evolution pet has been added

A new wide marble shop has been created by GM Otis to join his creations from last week.

Hurry up and get your Leprechaun goodies before the season ends after the weekend.

Some Regional changes and bug fixes have been made.

Stitcher's Mittens now successfully grant 10% bonus to healing skill

New items have been added to the Tinker crafting menu: Resiliant Bracer, Essence of Battle and Pendant of the Magi. Watch for the drops of the required ingredients and recipes: Blue Diamond, Fire Ruby and Captured Essence