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Slayer Weapons list


Bless Deeds


We have many unique items. Some are listed here:


Enamel Paint:  This is available in several hues and may be used to dye armour pieces in more vivid colours. You need to cook some rare ingredients to make them.


All enamels require Mucelent as a base for the paint. Each bottle of enamel hues one piece and requires one Mucelent and one of the following rare items from which the hue is extracted: You will also need to buy a Paint Pot and a heat source in order to cook up the paint. The paint pot is re-usable


Paint remover returns the item to its original hue. Made using a Pot of Bleach which is a spawning rare


Red: Minature Mushroom

Green: Blight

Blue: Saliva Feather

Pink: Unicorn Ribs

White: Taint

Pure White: White Pearl

Mauve: Tribal Berry

Purple: Kirin Brain

Turquoise: Putrefaction (Putrification on ID - thanks OSI!!!)

Gold: Daemon Tooth

Black 1109: Thrasher Tail

Black 1175: Abscess Tail

Light Blue: Hydra Scale

Yellow: Scourge


Clothing pigments: We have several clothing pigments in some interesting colours from the Easter 2018 event. These will likely become craftable using extracts from the many player-grown plants


Transformation Potion: A pink potion turns you into an Elf and a blue potion turns you back to human. Useful for roleplaying and taming Cu-Sidhe mounts. After taming you can ride a Cu-Sidhe as a human if you wear Pads of the Cu-Sidhe boots which can drop from the creature on death. The potions are made by cooking up elf or human ears in a witch's cauldron obtained by completing the Hag Quest (Grizelda the Hag).


Crafting Gloves: These give a 10 point bonus to one of the crafting skills, Carpentry/Tinkering, Tailoring, Alchemy, Blacksmithy, Lumberjacking or Fletching if you have GM'd the primary skill. Mining gloves have no minimum skill requirement.


Night Eyes glasses give you night vision around that of a potion. The other glasses below also give night vision. Glasses all now ustilise the Ring slot (was earring) as rings do not need to be worn to hide or teleport with them.


Magical Glasses:  + 10 to Magery if you have 100 Magery


 Scribe's Glasses:  +20 to Inscription and Magery if you have GM inscription.


Hunter's Glasses: free 100 Tracking if you have 100 skill in Taming, Animal Lore and Veterinary.


Lockpicker's Glasses: Free 100 Item ID skill if you have 100 Lockpicking, Detect Hidden and remove Trap


Earrings of Harmony: +10 to Provocation, Discord and Peacemaking if you have GM music


Silver Hammer:  extracts a silver ingot from a silver weapon. Uses 6 silver ingots to create a silver slayer weapon. Also works on spellbooks.


Duranium Hammer: exctracts 1 Duranium ingot from an indestructible weapon or armour piece. Uses 6 Duranium ingots to turn a weapon or armour piece Indestructible (more durable). 5 ingots if the item is of "Fortified" durability already. Requiers GM Blacksmithy and Arms Lore.


Elemental Hammer: exctracts 1 Elemental Power vial from a weapon of vanquishing or armour piece of invulnerability. Uses 6 Elemental Power vials to turn a weapon vanquishing ( +9 damage ) or armour piece to invulnerability (Maximum AR). 5 Elemental Power vials if the item is of "Fortified" durability already. Requiers GM Blacksmithy and GM Magery.


Tactical Hammer: extracts 1 Tactical essence from a supremely accurate weapon. Uses 6 Tactical Essence to turn a weapon supremely accurate. 5 if the weapon is already exceedingly accurate. Requires GM Blacksmithy and GM Magery


Water Spinkler and Sprinkler Filler. Used to water all the plants in your house in one shot. Fill it up and use it once every day.


Miracle Grow Plant Food turns your growing plant into a finished house decoration. You do not get any seeds or resources.


Magic Key: Unlocks any treasure chest or door. Does not work on houses, boats or secures.


Character Slot Token: Normally we allow one character per account. This expands that to 5 characters on the account it is used from


Pet Bond Deed: Bond your pet immediately


Stone Mining Toggle: Switch your miner between mining ore only or ore and stone.


Runic Hammer: BOD reward or deed purchased this can provide a boost to crafted items using the advanced metals. Valorite = Supremely accurate of vanquishing..  There are also equivalent runic tools for tailoring, fletching and carpentry.


Miracle Grow: Instantly makes a growing plant finished and decorative. Even a planted seed.


House Secure Deed increases your allowed house secures by one.


House Lockdown Expansion Deed increases your allowed lockdowns by 50


Bank Storage Deed increases your bank box number of items allowed by 25 (default is 125 items, maximum is 250 items)


Ship Cabin:  Buy a cabin for your ship. This small cabin is great for storing items and can be entered or left at any time using your remote control "dongle"


Summonable horse is like an ethereal horse but takes the form of a normal white/grey horse. The ethereal nightmare, firesteed and silver steed are also solid mounts in the appropriate hue, not transparent like normal ethereal mounts.


Portable Forge this is a normal small round forge but you can carry it in your pack and it is blessed


Pet Leash and Hitching Post these allow you to shrink your pet into a statuette which can be re-materialised by double clicking The pet leash is blessed and is carried. The hitching post is a house addon. If the pet is bonded then the statuette will be blessed.


Mythic Character Token this grants you the stats you want up to 225 (100-100-25) and allows you to select 5 skills to raise to 90 skill points. You must have less than 200 total skill points to use this or your existing skills will be wiped.


Soulstones come in Red, Green or Blue and allow you to transfer one skill to them for later use on your own or another character. They can be sold to other players.


Fire pit and Shadow fire pit are house addons which can be used as heat sources. You can see examples of them beside Lord British's throne room


Snow Pentagram is a house addon like the red Blood Pentagram but it is made of snow (white)


Slayer Deeds allow you to select a super slayer type (eg silver, elemental ban, reptilian death etc) or lesser slayer (eg ogre thrashing, dragon slaying etc) for your weapon. The weapon takes a special hue. Works on weapons and spellbooks.


House Teleporter is a tile you can buy for your house which will teleport you to another house or location in your house provided that you are friended to that house. To mark, place in the target location, lock down, double click. Double click in the same location again to clear the tile for re-use. Unlock the tile and move it to the source location and lock it down again. Any friend of the house at the destination point will be transported there.


Blocker Tile is a tile you can buy for your house which prevents people who are not friends of the house from crossing it. Place in doorways or line patio edges. Double click to de-activate and re-activate.


House Banker, Stablemaster, Provisioner or Variety Dealer are NPCs that you can buy for your house or courtyard. They perform their functions as town ones. Say their name and "quit" to re-deed them.


 Sneaking Boots increase your hiding and stealth by 10 points if you have 100 hiding. Inaugural pairs from the Halloween event 2017 have +20 skill


last updated: 2017/10/27