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Welcome to UO Utopia



We have several unique houses for players to buy as well as the usual Renaissance era homes.


We allow one house per account.


We have protection systems in place which prevent people who are not friends of the house from marking, recalling into or gating into a house or courtyard. There are also tiles you can purchase which prevent non-friended players from crossing them, useful to put in your doorway. We also have house teleporter tiles which allow you to instantly transport to another house you are friended to. Keys are all named for easy identification. There are deeds which you can purchase to increase your house lock downs and secures. You can also purchase NPC bankers and stablemasters which can be placed in your house or courtyard.


The King's Court is the largest house in the game and has a courtyard to the right side.


The Palace is a very large stone house based on a castle with a courtyard in the front and much larger internals.


The Ranger Fort is a very large wooden house with a courtyard and stable area.


The Abbey is a large house with a small courtyard


The Small Fort is a wooden fort with a courtyard and balcony areas


The Guild Workshop is a large wooden house with patio and balconies for vendor placement


The Large Keep is similar in size to the normal stone keep but has a single small courtyard on the right side and much more internal space.


The Marble Villa is a large house


The Larger Marble house is the same footprint as a normal marble but has a smaller patio and larger internal rooms


The Two Story Patio is a regular 2 story house with a patio at the rear.


The SP Tower is a regular large tower with a small courtyard at the bottom of the stairs.


The Medium House is like a small house but bigger :-)


The Guild Stable is a fairly large wooden house laid out purely as a stable. It comes with a stablemaster and spawning horse.


The Cottage is a large house with right side patio and entry and a balcony above.


Medium Sandstone Shop is a 3 story house intended for use as a shop


Sandstone Shop is similar to the medium, but has steps all round


Large Sandstone Workshop is a large three story building with open ground floor. about 24 tiles long, 13 wide


Medium marble shop is 9 wide 13 deep


Wide marble shop is 13 wide, 9 deep


Stone Canon Fort is a large stone building with 4 decorative canons



last updated: 2018/03/17