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Bless Deeds:


We do not have item insurance here in UO Utopia. We do, however, have three types of bless deed with which you can protect highly cherished items.


Note: Blessed items stay with you on death. They should be kept in your main pack or a blessed container, not in a normal sub-container within your pack or they will drop to your corpse on death with everything else. "Newbied" items, like the clothes you start your character with, also stay with you on death - provided you do not become a murderer.


Clothing Bless Deed: This can be purchased from the Platinum or Donation vendor for 40 coins or it can be obtained for completing a tailoring BOD. Note that a clothing bless deed also makes the clothing you bless never wear out. Normal clothing (or shoes) will eventually be destroyed if it is repeatedly hit with a weapon or even fists. The bless deed renders them totally indestructible.


Runebook Bless Deed:  This is purchased from the Platinum or Donation vendor for 100 coins. Normal runebooks are not blessed in UO Utopia.


Item Bless Deed: An Item Bless deed is very hard to obtain. They will bless a weapon, armour piece, shield, runebook, clothing or other items (even a key or a cake!) but not containers or other items which would be exploitative. A GM or higher scribe is needed to create the deed which requires 125 skill to make without failure and the components he needs have to be made for him by crafters with other skills. 

Compontens required: 1 x Essence of Purity, 1 x Powder of Purity and 1 x Substance of Purity (all craftable as follows:)


Essence of Purity:  Requires GM Alchemy (110 for no failure, so wear your rubber gloves) and Effusion Essence, Melisande's fermented Wine, Daemon Blood, Sweat of Paroxysmus, Vial of Vitriol and Animal Pheromone.


Powder of Purity: Requires GM tinkering (110 for no failure so wear your Carpenter's gloves) and Daemon Tooth, Grizzled Bones, Crystalline Fragments, Primitive Fetish, Grave Dust and a Green Thorn.


Substance of Purity: Requires GM cooking (with a skillet) and Unicorn Rib, Kirin Brain, Eye of the Travesty, Abscess Tail, Mangled Head of Dreadhorn and a Wyrm's Heart



Most components are known or obvious except:

Animal Pheromone is obtained from a Fire Rabbit which can be found in the fire temple

Vial of Vitriol is obtained from an Acid Slug which can be found in the acid lake deep in Paroxysmus dungeon

Daemon Tooth is dropped by Stannard the boss daemon in Paroxysmus dungeon

Crystalline Fragments are dropped by a crystal hydra

Primitive Fetish is dropped by Lurg

Green  thorns must be grown from seed usually through at least three generations and are harvested from bright green barrel cactus or snake plants.




last updated: 2018/04/03